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Click the image below to access a great tool* for assessing your strengths—and then creating a life that draws on them:

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I’ve posted my top 5 strengths below. Would you share yours and also mention whether you’re an introvert or extrovert (and your Myers-Briggs type, if you know it)? Curious to see whether any patterns emerge.

Looking forward to seeing your results!


Character Strength # 1

Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
You notice and appreciate beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

Character Strength # 2

Treating all people fairly is one of your abiding principles. You do not let your personal feelings bias your decisions about other people. You give everyone a chance.

Character Strength # 3

You forgive those who have done you wrong. You always give people a second chance. Your guiding principle is mercy and not revenge.

Character Strength # 4

You are aware of the good things that happen to you, and you never take them for granted. Your friends and family members know that you are a grateful person because you always take the time to express your thanks.

Character Strength # 5

You value close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated. The people to whom you feel most close are the same people who feel most close to you.


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